Make gains,
give hope

Jump aboard our rocketship to the moon with the first crypto token designed to deliver epic long-term gains alongside proven poverty alleviation. Don't miss the $Goodship!

We're about to take off!

Alleviating Poverty with GiveDirectly

Goodship is partnered with GiveDirectly, a top global charity that has given over $300M directly to people living in poverty. Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk are recent donors – you can be, too!

Watch the video to see GiveDirectly's Managing Director Joe Huston give a special shoutout to the Goodship community!


Frictionless, deflationary, yield-generating, poverty-alleviating. By design.

Original Supply

700,000,000,000 (700 billion).
None burned at launch.

GiveDirectly Charity Wallet

2.5% of supply sent at launch to the charity wallet controlled by GiveDirectly, a top global charity which has delivered $300M+ in the last decade for effective, proven poverty alleviation interventions.

Profit from Holding

10% tax on transactions: Half (5%) added to locked liquidity. Half (5%) automatically distributed to holders.

Roadmap Through 2026

A token is just the beginning. We plan to build a suite of financial services including remittances, savings accounts, low-interest lending, and more. Services that will reach hundreds of millions of people.


Meet the Team

Our founders are entrepreneurs and inventors with numerous successful startups and software products under their belts. They built Goodship because they saw an opportunity to use DeFi technology to do a lot of good.


Christian Petroske


Hi, Christian here! I'm an entrepreneur who has founded several successful businesses, including a global software agency that scaled up to 300 engineers, and I was designated a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. I got my start in the nonprofit world and my heart has never left.


Buddhika Perera


Hello, I'm Buddhika. I am an experienced technology founder who has been starting software businesses for over 12 years, including groundbreaking new technologies in virtual reality, machine learning, and voice technology. I think we should improve our home planet while exploring the universe.

How to Buy $GOODSHIP


Download MetaMask or another crypto wallet. Head to and download their wallet to your mobile phone or Chrome/Firefox browser.


Buy some BNB on or another exchange. Then go to and make sure it's set to V2.


Click Connect on the top right, then click on Trade on the left sidebar.


Click Select a Currency and enter the $GOODSHIP token contract code found here, at the top of the page


Set slippage to (at least) 12% and mash that buy button. Secure your seat upon the $GOODSHIP!

Don't miss the $Goodship!